Friday, June 30, 2006

Roll with it

Today I was thinking about how life is a series of choices. I was talking with a group of fellow lawyers, all of whom have taken a different path in the profession and in life.

Later, I spoke to my father on the phone, and he said something I feel is profound and worth sharing. He said that there is no need for drama in life, that you need to roll with what is happening and when you've got people around you who are supportive of you, there's no problem. Enjoy the journey.

That is the thing about choices: we should make them to the best of our ability and then enjoy the journey. There is no guarantee of happiness, fulfillment or satisfaction with our choices. That is not the job of the choice itself. It is our job to make our choices and find our happiness along the way.

Sometimes, you know immediately when you've made a bad choice. That sinking feeling hits you and you want badly to press the delete key, but you can't. Those are the times you learn from the experience. The mistake is your guide to making better choices in the future. Roll with it.

Other times, you make what you think is the right choice and it turns out to be just that. You are happy, fulfilled, and you look forward to the future. That experience is your guide to learning to make good choices. Roll with it.

Remember as well that other people's choices, good or bad, are not a guide to your own. Only you know what will ultimately make you happy. Do not hinge your choice on external factors, look within and figure out if it's the choice that speaks to you. If it is, you will know it. Stop drowning out its voice with the loud yell of your external concerns.

Life has a rhythm and to everything there really is a season. Whatever happens, whatever choice you make...roll with it. And it will be alright.

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Liz C. said...

Two words: HOW. TRUE.

Great post, girl. And really made me think, which, if you see the title of my new post, can be a good thing or a bad