Monday, July 17, 2006

Day One

So today was my first day at my new job. Apparently, I'm a lawyer. I have the degree that says so and some little gold card in my wallet that says I'm a member of the State Bar. So I guess I must be. Right?

Cause you know, I have to say that practicing law is kinda freaky when you feel like you don't know anything. I hear the two other lawyers talking in their offices on the phone and they are rattling stuff off. Meanwhile, I get a call with a simple question and I have no idea what to say. NO. IDEA. WHAT. TO. SAY.

Ok, so maybe I have some small idea. And that's the thing really. I know more than I think I do. Still, first days can freak you right out so you have to remember to breath and if all else fails, go into the bathroom and pray. A lot. God and I had a lot of talks today.

All that said, my first day on the job (first time I've been in a working environment in four years people. FOUR YEARS) was pretty good. Although there is a lot to learn, I feel that I am up for the challenge and it's about time I had a new challenge in life. God saw fit to give me a whole year off to prepare me for this and I'm ready. Um God...just between you and me...give me some easy stuff to start the week off would ya? Thanks. I appreciate it.

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