Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day Two...and the Tribe Grows Stressed maybe law isn't for me. It seems to be a constant barrage of stress.

I suppose it's not really fair to say this after only two days. I'm just feeling dumb. Yup, there I said it. I have no idea how to do anything and even advising clients is difficult since I'm just unsure what to tell them. Learning the law in school and applying it in the world are two different things.

But you know, even feeling kinda dumb, it's amazing how incredibly unaffected I am by it all. I remember in previous jobs being totally anxiety-ridden, but here I'm just not. This last year of unemployment has taught me a lot of things, the most important lesson being the beauty of faith. I have a lot of faith in God and in the energy of the universe to direct my path. I also know that, at any given moment, what is happening is supposed to be happening. It's all part of the universal plan for my life. I cannot look back on my life at any negative situation be it a job, a relationship, or anything else and say that it wasn't meant to be. It was all meant to be because I learned SO much from all of it.

It's funny how some people say things like "If I could know for sure that things will work out, then I'd be less worried now..." The thing is, you CAN know for sure that things will work out. That my dear readers is the essence of faith. No matter what, it will work out: your job or lack thereof, your relationship or lack thereof. If you have faith, you can stop mortgaging your present with future worry. Believe. Trust. LIVE.

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singaporegrrl said...

Hang in there, grrl. It's only day two. You will get into the swing of it in no time. Listen to your own advice. I love your attitude. It's so positive and so right. It's just what I needed to read right now.