Sunday, July 16, 2006

Do it yourself...and don't piss off your wife

Sometimes I'm just amazed at what people can get away with. Today, I was reading random stuff on the internet and I came across the story of Mike Davis, an Arizona State University law student who had been convicted of murder prior to attending law school. He convienently left that little fact off his application of course, and lied to his fellow students about who he really was. Read more about him in this blog written by a fellow law student.

Apparently, Davis was not the only notorious member of the ASU law school. Another convicted murderer also attended the school. James Hamm fought long and hard to have his past put behind him so he could practice law. Apparently, the Arizona State Bar didn't care for that.

So, this brings up lots of questions. First of all, what the hell is up with Arizona State University's College of Law admissions department? I could forgive having one murderer in your class, but two?

Also, what is it about law school that apparently attracts the criminal element? Clearly, it's cheaper to represent one's self if one is planning on committing more crimes once one has graduated law school, but seriously, why on earth spend that much money, time, and effort (cause, you know, it takes a lot of effort to keep your lies straight)? Just read the law books at the library. No need to spend three years in school.

Finally, I guess we can be thankful the state bar didn't allow either of these people to become members of the bar. Although really, I don't know that I would care if they had. Sometimes the criminal element is a lot nicer than some of the lawyers I've met.

Oh, and if you want to understand the topic heading of this blog, read the blog referenced above about Mike Davis: Here's another link to it.

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