Saturday, July 1, 2006

My Favorite Things: Food Edition

Let's get right to it:

1. Whipped cream in a can. This stuff is the nectar of the Gods as far as I'm concerned. You can dress up hot chocolate or cold pudding and it tastes fabulous. A versatile product if ever there was one.

2. Frozen grapes. But only the green ones. The purple ones taste funky after being frozen. I guess they're a warm-blooded fruit or something.

3. Perrier Mineral Water. Yup, love it. I fell in love with mineral water after spending six weeks in Europe when I was 17. It was either mineral water or beer. There were no other choices. So mineral water it was for me.

4. Pizza Zone. Particularly their pepproni pizza and their CinnaZones. YUMMMMM....

5. Spaghetti at Olive Garden. Oh, and their breadsticks too. Oh yeah, bring it on!

6. Chili's cheeseburgers with extra mayonaise. Ah, heaven.

7. BBQ from Bill Miller's. I can only get this in San Antonio, but man is it good. Rancher's plate with brisket and sausage.

I have to stop now. My mouth is watering and I'm considering driving 250 miles to San Antonio for some Bill Miller's.

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