Friday, July 7, 2006

Ready, Set...Smile?

While I was stretching at the gym today, I happened to notice the posters advertising the Group Exercise classes. In the poster, the instructor is smiling and so is everyone around her. I have never seen ANYONE smile while working out. EVER. While smiling does work out your facial muscles, that's no big help in the weight loss department. If it was, I'd be Kate Moss by now.

I'm always amazed at the advertisement ploys used. Smiling has nothing to do with working out. At all. I never smile while running on the treadmill for example. If anything, I frown. It's hard work running that last five minutes at an incline that practically requires hiking boots to maintain.

While I believe strongly in exercise, I'm also for truth in advertising and you won't see any smiles at the gym. If you want to see smiles, go down the street to the doughnut shop.


Kate said...

Too funny! I love my Pilates instructor because she often tells us to make as much noise as we need to and work out for us rather than someone else in the room. It helps to have someone tell you it's okay to sound like you're doing Lamaze breathing. ;)

Liz C. said...

Okay, seriously? That is hilarious. I have never thought of it that way, but that's SO TRUE. If you were to be a fly on the wall in our house in the mornings when I work out, smiles? You would not see. Unpleasant faces, grunting, moaning? Probably so. Smiling is not what I do except when I'm in my hip hop class. Because that, that just makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

I'll go you one better.

Ever notice, on planes, that the people in the video 'dramatization' of an on-board emergency -- showing you how to put on the oxygen mask etc -- are always totally calm, and in many cases seem to be enjoying the experience? "Oooh, look, they're giving out these little mask thingies! At no charge! Thank you Mr. Airline!"