Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm the attorney

I think I may be a real lawyer now. I appeared in court three times last week in three different counties. My boss had a family emergency so I ended up having to take his court appearances. It was a great experience for me in a lot of different ways.

First of all, the fact that I was able to find the courthouse in some of these places was a victory. God Bless Mapquest. Secondly, it's a great thing to just get the feel of a courthouse, to get to know the layout, where the clerk is, and so on. Finally, the more I appear in front of the judge, the more comfortable I get with it. I'm feeling good about being able to say "Lawfrog, Attorney for the Petitioner (or the Respondent)." In fact, I feel pretty darned great being able to say that and know that I can get things accomplished for my client.

On another note, I feel it's worth mentioning that, regardless of what the studies show about lawyer personalities (see my previous post), attorneys are a pretty good bunch of people. At least, that's the case here in Houston. The family emergency my boss had meant he couldn't prepare for some of the hearings he had to be at this week so the other attorneys agreed to move things up a bit to give him time to get through his personal issue. Lawyers may be sharks in the courtroom, but in the game of life, they can be dolphins: friendly creatures ready to aid you in your time of need.

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