Saturday, August 5, 2006

Productivity is Up

Somewhere, someone is missing a burst of energy because this morning, I was hit with a major energy burst. It's Saturday, the day I normally sleep in and roll out of bed around 10:30 or so. Today, I was up at 7:15 (that's a.m. people). I felt awake and ready to roll and that's exactly what I did.

I got the following accomplished before 9 a.m. this morning:

1. Went to the dry cleaners and dropped off my work blazer. I have very few clothes that need to be dry cleaned because dry cleaning is expensive, but after wearing this jacket to work every day for the past three weeks, I decided it needed it. Plus, it's actually the jacket that goes with this cute skirt I have so I don't want to wear it every day. I'd rather save the wear and tear on it for when I'm wearing that skirt.

So, I bought another blazer yesterday and will start wearing that one daily with my work slacks. I figure I can get away with dry cleaning that one twice a month (at a cost of about $12 a month). If it starts to smell bad in-between cleanings, I'll take it more often.

2. Went to the gym, worked out a new membership plan that is going to save me A LOT. I'm paying outright for the plan now, which is probably the best idea because automated payment plans with gyms can bite you in the ass. I personally have had no trouble with the automated payment plan I was on with the gym for the last 18 months, but I've heard enough horror stories from various people that I felt it better to pay outright, plus it's a lot cheaper if I do that. For a horror story on payment plans, read my best friend's blog entry for Aug. 4, 2006.

3. Got on the treadmill and did 30 minutes of cardio. Ran 15 of those minutes. Feeling good:)

4. Stopped by the hardware store to see about having keys made. They didn't have what I need so I'll have the keys made tomorrow when we do our weekly grocery shopping.

So, that's been my Saturday thus far. I can't believe it's only 10 a.m. here and I've already gotten several things knocked off my to-do list.

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