Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mirror Image

There is a person in my life who annoys me. In fact, I think she's psychotic. She has some real issues with the way she treats people. I would rather not be around her if possible, but I don't have that choice right now.

BUT...I got to thinking about something I read quite awhile ago. The people we dislike in this life are really our greatest teachers. Looking at the woman in my life who annoys me, I have to admit that some of the qualities in her that I dislike are the same ones I dislike in myself. Sometimes people in our lives are our mirror images. They can show us what we really don't admire about ourselves.

This woman in my life is extreme in her issues. I am not psychotic (that I know of) and I do not treat people as poorly as she does, BUT...even though I am not as extreme as she is, I can see in myself some of the bad things I see in her.

It helps me a lot to think about the situation this way. She is in my life to be a cautionary example, to force me to look at the things I don't like about the way I treat people or the things I do. That way, I can avoid becoming her in my later years. Rather than be angry and dismissive of her horrifying behavior, I can look on it as a lesson and that has helped me deal with her better and become a better person myself.

Think about someone in your life you dislike. Why do you dislike them? What qualities do they have that make you upset? Might some of those same qualities be in you? And if not, what is this person trying to teach you? Do you need to learn to set boundaries? Is it that you need to learn to walk away?

There are lessons everywhere. Learn them now and avoid becoming the person you despise.

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Kate said...

Ouch. I am so guilty of being irritated by people whose bad qualities are a whole lot like mine... I know that as a teacher, the snotty girls make me CRAZY and I know that I was so totally like them and probably still am from time to time. And then I get really annoyed with crabby and whiny peole like, oh right, me...

Thanks for your post!