Friday, September 22, 2006

Pepperoni: the answer to life's problems

I am a family law attorney, which does not mean I spend my life in exciting court drama the way they portray it on Boston Legal. It means I spend my life on the phone. All day, every day. I log more phone time every day than a teenage girl who just got her first cell phone logs in a year.

People call constantly. It does not stop. Clients call with all kinds of questions. Sometimes they call just to yell. Yes, it is true, they yell at their attorney...the one person who can actually get them out of a horrible life situation and they yell at me. Makes no sense, but I have learned that people embroiled in family law matters rarely do make sense. I've learned to chalk it up to their out of control emotions. I've had people call and yell, then apologize, then call and yell again the next day. Very odd, but like I said it's the emotion of the divorce, the child custody battle and I do understand that.

But there are times when they catch me at the wrong moment and I become stern and bitter right back. That's when they call, apologize, and cry. Sometimes they show up in person and cry. That's when we go through more Kleenex than a preschool classroom.

Ah, the life of a lawyer. All that said though, I do like my job. Sometimes we get the clients who truly appreciate our efforts and those are the people who make it worthwhile. One client brought us fresh bagels and cream cheese for helping him with his issue. Very nice surprise and very much appreciated.

After a long week in the legal trenches, I also look forward to Pepperoni Friday. Every other Friday, I generally order pizza from Pizza Zone, which is my favorite pizza place in Houston. It's delicious and helps me forget all the stress of the previous two weeks. Ah, if only all problems were so easily solved by pepperoni.

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Kate said...

Someone told me once that when children (in my case) treat me like crap, sometimes it's the biggest compliment because they know that with me, they're safe. They can vent their rage and frustration and know that I won't, well, at least I won't hit them, although I've been known to lose my temper. I would assume that it's very similar for your line of work. Yes, you can help them, but of all the people in their lives, you're probably the most solid and fair. It doesn't make it easier to deal with or even right for them to do it, but hopefully on those days when it gets you down, just know that it means you're doing a lot right.

And pepperoni is a wonderful, wonderful thing.