Monday, September 4, 2006

A Real Day of Labor

Actually, it was more like a real weekend of labor. There were a ton of things on my "to do" list that have been there longer than Jimmy Hoffa's been missing. SO...this weekend I decided to get them done. And I got most of them done, but man I am exhausted. I did a ton of running around this weekend to get those items crossed off.

It’s amazing how many little things can take up so much time. I decided to buy all the birthday cards for the month at the start of each month and write them all out so I can have them done and then just mail them when it’s appropriate to do so. Well, selecting the right card takes forever because I like to pick cards I think the recipient will like. And then there’s the gift selection, which takes awhile because again, I like to pick something the recipient will like.

Then, there’s just the general stuff of life: cleaning the house, doing the laundry, etc. This weekend, I tackled a bunch of those general chores, but with a little extra thrown in. For example, rather than just sorta dust around the books and things on the bookshelf in the dining room, I took everything off the shelf and dusted it thoroughly. I also tossed a bunch of stuff off the shelf. There were several things sitting up there that just needed to be thrown out. Some of it was stuff I thought I was going to do something with, but I had to admit I wasn’t going to get to it so I just threw it away.

For example, I had a pack of gum up there that I got for free when I bought something else. I cannot chew gum so I was going to give it to someone, but I kept forgetting to do that. It’s been there for six months. I finally just threw it out. Now, this could be construed as wasteful and it probably is, but you know I do feel relief at having gotten it out of my space.

There were also several paper items up there that needed to be dumped. There’s no reason for me to keep old job search print-outs or last year’s Bible Study worksheets. It was high time to move on from that stuff. So out it all went. The shelf looks a lot better now.

In addition to all that, I did at least five loads of laundry. Not because I’ve been neglectful of the laundry, but because I washed certain things that don’t always get washed like the comforter from the guest room and the mattress pad from our room. Heck, I even sprayed Febreeze Anti-Microbial on our mattress and dust busted it. I saw this on the show “Clean Sweep” once. It’s supposed to kill the dust mites and then the vacuuming gets them off the mattress.

Anyway, you get the picture. My weekend was very much about tackling the little things. But, the little things add up to big things and I feel so much better when all the little things are done and can stop niggling at my brain. Because you know, I need all the brain power I can access right now.

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