Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sick...and Tired

Earlier this week, it looked like I was getting a cold. I haven't been sick in over a year now, but I still recognize the symptoms. SO...I took extra vitamins and such, but I neglected to get enough rest. Couldn't do it since I was so busy at work. I'm paying for it as I have a full-fledged cold. I have the whole sniffing, sneezy, Nyquil commerical, weak muscles cold.

The plus side is that it's not horrible in it's intensity. I can still breathe pretty clearly. I sound like I have a frog in my throat, but other than that it's not too bad. I went to bed early last night and got some sleep, which always helps me stave off really bad illness. I'm spending the day resting and napping so by Monday, I should feel a ton better.

I had hoped to rest the whole weekend, but tomorrow I have to go to a presentation to see a friend get his black belt in Karate. I'm excited for him so I'll go, but then I'll come home and rest some more.

The one thing that upsets me most about being sick is not getting my gym time in. I hate not working out, but right now I just can't. It wouldn't be good for my body. Have to recover from this cold, but I do miss the gym and am hoping to get back in there on Monday.

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