Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Done! Well, almost...

Yesterday, I mailed all our Christmas cards along with two birthday cards for my friends who were born this month. I also picked up a gift for our dog groomer, who has been very good to our boys this year. I made plans with my co-workers to have dinner and do a gift exchange on Friday and I wrapped the gifts for my mother and nephew and will be sending those on their way tomorrow.

The only thing left to do is drop off the groomer's gift to her (tomorrow), pick up a gift for another friend here in town, and do some baking for some "goody" packages I plan to give out this month. That's all, that's it!! It's been a crazy month for me so I'm really happy to be nearly done with my Christmas "stuff." I wish the rest of you a peaceful holiday season and a completed to-do list.

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