Saturday, December 30, 2006

Leave the pieces when you go

How many people are walking around out there with pieces of your life? Little snippets of who you once were and who you wished to become?

It occured to me today that as I get older, more and more people are in possession of pieces of my life. From the time we are born to the time we die, many people come into our lives who will not stay for the whole journey. We share our deepest, darkest secrets with them, our hopes and dreams, and when it's time for the relationship to end, they carry those pieces of us with them through life. It is not just those we are in love with that this is true of. It is those we befriend and those we work with, those we come in contact with once, but with whom we share a piece of ourselves.

I occassionally think about people I've known, people I was once friends with or in love with and all the things I know about them that they probably wouldn't want to be public knowledge. And then I think of all those people who know things about me.

Some of those things aren't important, they just seemed that way at the time. My crush on my high school science teacher is known by my two best friends from high school, neither of which I am in contact with anymore. They also know that I only joined the high school track team because a cute guy I liked was on the team.

Some of the pieces of my life are much more important than that and are carried by people who are now strangers to me. It's amazing how much we share with people who are in our lives for the moment because we think they will always be there. And when they leave, they take the pieces of our lives with them.

Then, there are people who not only have pieces of our lives, they have the whole puzzle. For me, this is my best friend and kindred spirit, Britt. She knows everything there is to know about me. She shared my pain over a broken first marriage, my joy at getting into law school, and my journey to true happiness with my now-husband, Chuck. I have shared the joy of her wedding, the amazing, incredible people that are her two children, her acceptance into grad school for teaching, and numerous other things that cannot be summed up in words.

Pieces of my life's puzzle are out there with many other people, but it is nice to know that there is someone who has the whole puzzle and that you can trust that person with it. That is the real key to life: it's not the people who have pieces, it's the person you choose to have the whole puzzle. And I have chosen wisely.

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Dauphyfan said...

Okay you totally just made my whole year...wait, scratch that. You just made my whole life. What an incredibly sweet and amazing thing to say. Just in case it isn't already clear as day, right back at ya! Everything you said and more. Thank you. Love you always sweetie!

P.S. Were you listening to The Wreckers? Awesome song, eh?