Friday, January 26, 2007


It's just been one of those weeks. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by things that should be underwhelming? This week, I started thinking about all the little things that I have to do and I just froze at even the thought of it. Nothing major is even on the list. Answer e-mail, clean the house...things like that. How sad is that?

I'm starting to believe Angel is right. I told her that she needed to be kind to herself since she was in the car accident and not expect too much from herself. The other day, I was telling her how worn out I am and she said "You know, you need to be kind to yourself too. You're carting me all over the place, which I know isn't easy, and you're looking for a job too. You have dogs and a marriage to nurture. You have a lot on your plate too."

She's right. I am worn out. It's amazing how much we expect of ourselves sometimes. I just got out of one of the worst places of employment I have EVER been in. It's ok to be gentle and kind to myself and not expect that I'm going to have energy and pep every single day. I'm eager to start working again (I do miss it) and I know that things will return to normal when I have a more balanced schedule again.

Anyway, this is just a reminder to all of you out there - be as good to yourself as you are to others. You deserve kindness too.

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The Curmudgeon said...

Nice post. But if people started being good to themselves, and were happier, grouchy old guys like me would be even more out of place....

(That was said with a smile, by the way; I can't quite bring myself to use "emoticons.")