Tuesday, February 6, 2007

31 candles and other things

On Sunday, I turned 31. Super Bowl Sunday. It was actually a good day to have a birthday. Dear Husband and I had a little party on Saturday with pizza and cake. Very low key and fun with friends.

DH got me some wonderful gifts including a facial at a local spa. I haven't had one of those in years so I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, DH and his friends got together for the game and a friend of mine and I went out to Olive Garden and to see The Pursuit of Happyness. It was the best time to go out because the restaurant and movie theatre were dead. We got in and out of the ticket line with no problem. By the way, The Pursuit of Happyness was a wonderful movie and definitely worth seeing. My best friend, Britt, blogged about it awhile back.

In other news, my newest little one has a new name. I just wasn't seeing Godiva in her. So over the weekend, we observed her and decided she's a Peanut. That fits her personality so much better. She's such a sweetheart and I am so in love with her. So, like any new parent, I have to show her off:

Just FYI, dear readers, when you get a new puppy, it's a very bad thing to have your washing machine go kaput. Ours did just that on Friday. DH ordered the parts needed and they had an estimated delivery date of Wednesday. This was a problem since Peanut had decided to pee on our bed (twice) the first night she was here. So...I ended up at the laundry mat washing our sheets and comforter on Saturday night.

Thankfully, the parts arrived yesterday and DH fixed the machine last night so we're back in business. Not so thankfully, that meant I did about six loads of laundry today. That's a lot for two people, but when you have a new puppy who goes through towels like there's no tomorrow...well, you do a lot of laundry. But she's definitely worth it. I wasn't planning on getting another dog, but I just couldn't pass this one up and I'm glad I didn't.


East of Oregon said...

Thanks for the tip on the "Happyness" movie - I want to see that one.. have a great day! :)

The Curmudgeon said...

When he gives you six loads of laundry to do, the puppy had better be cute, eh?