Thursday, February 15, 2007

The ER: where everyone knows my name

What a day. I'm exhausted. My friend Angel, the one who was in the car accident last month, got really ill on Sunday. She had what sounded like a bad cold. This morning, when I called to check on her, she sounded horrible and said she felt so tired and she couldn't breathe. So I took her into the ER. We're getting to be regulars there:)

We were there about 4.5 hours, which isn't bad considering I've known people who had to wait all night in the ER. Turns out Angel has Pharyngitis and an upper respitory infection. She was prescribed antibiotics and steroids. I picked those up after we got out of the ER. Took 45 minutes to get the medication, so I shopped for groceries while I was waiting. Angel slept in my car. Poor thing. She was so tired.

I took her home and as I was coming out of her subdivision, I was stopped by the police for speeding. Sigh. Thankfully (THANK YOU GOD) they only gave me a warning. I cannot afford a speeding ticket right now so that was a true blessing.

On the plus side, I actually got two things done of the three I wanted to do today. That's perfectly acceptable to me since I spent most of my time in the ER today. And as is so often heard here in the South: Tomorrow is another day.

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East of Oregon said...

Sorry your friend is sick. You are a good friend to take care of her! And I'm glad you only got a warning on the speeding stop. take care and happy early weekend :)