Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Training the puppy...and the human.

I learned my lesson after Peanut peed twice on our bed the first night she was here (Friday). So, I looked up training on the internet and found that crate training is a popular method with a good success rate. So, on Saturday I bought a crate and a chew toy for my little one.

She's been doing really well with it. She had a couple of accidents in her crate at different times, both of which were actually my fault in that I left her in there too long. Monday, I had to be gone for several hours as I was meeting with my pro bono client and that took a few hours with travel time, the meeting time, and so on. So I can't blame her for that. The other time, I should have let her out one more time before putting her in the crate.

Other than that, she's been doing great. I got her some new rawhide bones today, which she seems to appreciate. She came from the vet with one, but it was getting pretty gross so new ones had to be purchased. It's neat how excited she gets over something like new rawhide chews. Peanut is so playful and sweet. I love how innocent she is and how she wants to explore everything in her new world. Yes, I will probably be bragging on her for awhile.

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Dauphyfan said...

Yep, you got a the new mommy syndrome: a need to brag about the new baby...:) She is so cute that you have every right too! My parents tried the crate idea with one of their dogs and it worked pretty well too. Peanut is so sweet.