Friday, February 23, 2007

What's happening

It's been a quiet week as I continued to recover from the horrible food poisoning that struck me last weekend. I didn't realize that I would need several days to really recover. I tried eating Baked Ziti on Tuesday out at lunch with some friends and that just was not a good idea. For the next two days I felt queasy. Didn't throw up or get sick from it, but it was just too heavy so soon after being so ill.

So the last two days have been bland foods that are easy on my stomach and that has helped a lot. Tonight, Dear Husband and I will be going to Olive Garden. I feel ready for heavier food now and I am sure it will be fine since I've been eating light all day. Plus, it's date night. Dear Husband has been working a lot of hours this week and will work this weekend as well so we're taking this opportunity to spend some time together.

In other news, our high-speed Internet connection was down/slow for most of yesterday. It was so bad, it was like having dial-up again! Oh, the horror!

In better news, Peanut is growing like a weed and her Coccidiosis test came back negative yesterday, which is really good. Her brothers are getting used to her and even letting her lay next to them sometimes. Yesterday, when I took her to the vet, one of her litter mates was there and the staff brought her out to play. Peanut and her sister ran around together playing in the vet's office. It was so cute! She's such a little love and the apple of my if you couldn't already tell that.

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