Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This morning, I put Peanut in the kitchen where two baby gates block the entrances so she cannot get out and run around peeing in the house. I went about getting dressed and went to check on her about 10 minutes after leaving her in there with food and a toy. This is "The Ugly" that I speak of in my title: the kitchen floor was streaked with bloody diarrhea. I'll let your imaginations conjure up the picture as no description can really do it justice.

So I called the vet and packed her up to go down there. It's only about f our miles away, which I was totally grateful for. Here's where "The Bad" part of my title comes in: the vet walked in, said "so she's having bloody stools?" and I said yes, and he said "Well, I know what's causing that. Didn't anyone call you with the results of the fecal sample you brought last week?" "Why no, no one did that," I said. The doctor then went on to tell me that my dear sweet baby has two intestinal parasites. TWO, people! I'm thinking someone could have called and told me about this and I could have started her on medication BEFORE my kitchen floor came to resemble a slaughterhouse scene from The Jungle.

I got three different medications for her and $100 later, we were out of the vet's office and on our way home. Peanut was exhausted by this time and quietly lay on the front seat for the short ride home. Usually, she has to be in my lap when I'm driving, which is why I am trying desperately for her to learn to stay in the seat. I think this is progress. I really should get a kennel and be done with it.

So now we turn our attention to "The Good": As mentioned in my last blog posting, I LOVE Arbonne International's Ginger Citrus products. Also as mentioned in my last blog, it was only sold during Xmas 2006 and it is expensive. I got a starter kit during Dickens on the Strand for $20 or so, but to actually purchase it from the company is beyond my price range. Yesterday, I got on eBay and found someone selling a brand new set of the body wash, sugar scrub, and body butter. I bid on it and today I found out that I won!! For $11.99 including shipping, I will once again have my Ginger Citrus and all will be right with the world.

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Dauphyfan said...

Poor Peanut! I hope your little baby gets better soon...:(