Sunday, March 4, 2007

Playing Favorites

Since my last two posts have been complete downers, I decided to talk about something light and fun. So, welcome to the first bi-annual listing of Lawfrog's Favorite Things! Stealing the idea from Oprah, this is a listing of a few of my favorite things:

Partylite Candles.This company produces some exceptional products. They make candles and candle accessories that are rather expensive, but worth it! The candles smell wonderful and the accessories are beautiful. You can fit them into any home decor theme. I have a few of their accessories including a tealight Xmas fireplace theme. Their candles are a splurge to be sure, but worth it.

Johnson and Johnson's Bedtime Bath. This is a product for babies, but it works great for adults too. I love taking a nice hot bubble bath with this stuff before going to bed. The main ingredients are lavender and chamomile. It's extremely relaxing. Just a note - the generic Wal-Mart and Target brands of this work just as well. It's a cheap way to get some real relaxation once the crazy day is over.

Suave Professionals 2 Minute Deep Recovery Conditioner. This stuff is great for getting your hair back to feeling its best. It really does deeply condition it and make you feel like you just got back from the beauty salon.

Arbonne Ginger Citrus Sugar Scrub. I love all the Arbonne Ginger Citrus products. Unfortunately, I believe they were only available during the 2006 Holiday season. However, as with everything else in life, you can find it on Ebay.

KDs BBQ. This is a locally owned Houston BBQ. It's about three miles from my house, which is a problem for me because it's such great food. I eat there way more often than I much so that they know me by name. They have great BBQ, but what I really love is the chocolate cake. It is TO DIE FOR! Once you eat it, you will never be able to have chocolate cake anywhere else.

Crescent City Beignets. I spent many days over the course of law school in this place. It is so cozy and comfy, it makes you want to pull up a chair and chat for hours. They have fantastic red beans and rice, and of course, the Beignets. It is possible to become addicted to the Beignets. I am living proof.

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Dauphyfan said...

You are making me hungry for the beignets! My mouth began to water as I remembered the red beans and rice we ate during my last visit.