Monday, April 30, 2007

The Best

I'm not sure there's an adequate way to describe last weekend. I flew from Houston to Portland, Oregon to visit with my best friend Britt and share an important moment in her life: she graduated with a Master of Arts in Teaching from George Fox University.

I have been proud of Britt for many things over the years, but this particular accomplishment kept me smiling for a long time last weekend. Why? Because Britt really earned this. Some people go to graduate school and get a degree, which their parents pay for. They spend two years working on the degree with no other responsibilities really. Britt paid for her education herself and managed a marriage, two children, a house, and a dog while completing her program. Even with all that, she managed to graduate summa cum laude. She has always worked hard at whatever she took on and I knew this would be no exception. In case it isn't clear, I am SO, SO, SO proud of her!

She works hard in another area too and that is our friendship. We've known each other for 13 years and in that time have shared so much, the least of which has been a love of cereal and useless chatter! We never fail to have a good time together no matter what we're doing. Even the worst of days has been made brighter knowing that she is in my life.

I moved from Oregon to Houston in 2002. Britt saw me through law school, broken relationships, the bar exam, and finally my wedding in July 2005. She has always been a phone call or e-mail away. I know that when I need comfort, a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, or a partner to assist in fending off an evil tulip farmer, she is always right there.

This last weekend, I got to see not only Britt, but her amazing children. I last saw them when they were 3 years old (N) and 2 months old (K). N is now 6 and K is about to turn 4. They are ADORABLE and incredibly well-behaved. Britt worried that she wasn't spending enough time with them while she was in grad school, but from what I saw of the children, that was a worry she could have tossed away. They are wonderful.

Yes, I suppose I'm biased, but they truly are the cutest and best kids ever. I so enjoyed spending time with them, playing with them, and listening to them talk. N is so articulate for his age and will do incredibly well in school. He has no choice now what with having a teacher for a mom:) K will be the same, I can already tell. She and N actually wanted me to sit down and quiz them on alphabet flashcards. How cool is that?

When we weren't running around like crazy, Britt and I had the BEST time eating beignets, talking, laughing, and indulging our new hobby: scrapbooking! I had made her a gift of a scrapbook of her life from the time I met her to the present. We went to scrapbook stores and spent a couple of hours at least looking at papers, stickers, scissors, of us is going to have to hit the lottery to support this shared hobby of ours.

Unfortunately, the days flew by and I had to leave for home on Sunday. It was a sad day and I miss Britt already. There's nothing like spending time with someone who knows the whole history of your life. Britt always knows how I feel and what I need. She is the best Best Friend for so many reasons, none of which I can do justice to in this blog.

So, I will just say this: Britt, I am SO proud of you. You have made it happen - whatever dream you had, you turned it into a reality with a lot of hard work and dedication. I am proud of your accomplishments and even more proud that you call me your best friend. It's a honor to be linked in that way with someone as wonderful and amazing as you are.

Two years will not go by before we see one another again and this time, I mean that. Next stop: Cozumel to swim with the dolphins! LOVE YOU!!

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Dauphyfan said...

Okay, make me cry why don't you...;) That was incredibly sweet and all that right back at ya. I miss you too and can't wait to see you again...whenever and wherever that may be. By the way, I used some of the fun money (from your dad) to go get a few more things to scrapbook...they had a monster sale at Joanne's Fabrics. Take care sweetie!