Monday, April 16, 2007

The First Time

Well, as my best friend said, my baby is not a baby anymore:( My "baby" started out as an adorable little puppy, but she has grown taller and heavier and now, at four months old, officially qualifies as a "little one."

A sign of this came on Friday when I decided to let her sleep in bed with us. She always has slept in her crate in our bedroom, but Friday she kept turning over her bedding in the crate and crawling underneath it. That's her in the picture underneath her bedding. I was afraid she would suffocate under there during the night, which probably was not a real danger, but she's my love and I worry about her. So, I let her up on the bed with us.

Now, we had not been doing this because I let her do that the very first night we had her here (we had no crate at that time for her to be in) and she peed on the bed. Well, Friday night, she slept through the night on the bed and did not pee. She repeated this on Saturday night. Her first time in the bed and she was good all night. She is growing up, which I am glad of, but I have to say that no matter what, she will always be my baby!


Dauphyfan said...

Proud mama...;)

Kate said...

Your baby is so freaking cute. I would let him sleep in the bed if I was you, too. Unfortuantely, my husband is mean and says no dogs in the bed. Kind of sad, but then I get to hog more of it!