Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a load

So I visited a MySpace page today that took FOREVER to load. Ok, well maybe not forever, but I was able to make toast, put some jam on it, eat it, let the dogs out and put the comforter in the dryer before it finished loading. I have high-speed internet so it shouldn't be a problem, but it is.

I'd like to suggest that people not put such complicated, graphic-intensive backgrounds on their pages. Sure, they look great when you first see them, but when you put them on your page, they look like crap. Also, be sure that people can read the words on your page with the background you choose. I see backgrounds all the time that are really pretty, but so overpowering that I can't read anything on the page so what's the point?

In other news, my back has decided it is unhappy and is showing it by pinching a nerve on the left side of my lower back. It does this sometimes. This usually indicates that I need to go lie down with a good book or lie down and quietly watch my Golden Girls DVDs. Hope all of you out there in cyberspace are having a pain-free day.


Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your back! I hope it's feeling better now. In the meantime, I hope the Golden Girls are helping distract you.

BTW, I am so afraid of MySpace. I feel like a pervert or something. Like I've stumbled into a pre-teen birthday party. I guess I should give it another chance since lots of my grown-up friends are jumping off the bridge. :) If I do, I promise not to load it up with too much graphics-intensive stuff.

Shelby said...

oh I had back problems last year - no fun at all - I sympathize with you!!! Keep us posted on what you do to be better and I hope it's soon.

take care and happy Tuesday :)

Dauphyfan said...

Feel better soon sweetie...:)