Thursday, May 24, 2007

Drink the Gatorade, not the Kool-Aid

So the abs class turned out really well. It was a hard workout to be sure, but it was great to try something new with my workouts. I've been doing abs work for a long time, but usually I do it out on the gym floor. It was neat to be in a class with other people and some great music going. Really pumped me up.

In other news, the gym has become a family gathering place. My mother-in-law (MIL) decided she wanted to get into working out so now she goes with me. Because I've used the trainers at the gym, I got a letter in the mail with a 90-day "bring someone with you to workout so we can get $ out of them too" coupon. Basically, MIL (or anyone else who wants to go with me) can do so during those 90 days. So I've been going with her twice a week (in addition to my regular five day a week schedule) and tonight, Dear Husband joined us for the first time. Sister-in-Law and her husband have a membership as well. It's becoming like a family cult for us or something.

If we have to be in a cult, this one is better than that whole wear Nikes and drink Kool-Aid thing.

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The Curmudgeon said...

A physical fitness cult? Sounds scary to me (*reaching for the bag of chips....)