Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I got a Butler

A Butler Bag that is! I don't make splurge purchases very often, but I could not pass this up. It was $95 for a handbag and that is pretty darn steep for me considering that I generally buy my bags at Wal-Mart or Target when I need them.

But the Butler Bag is literally the purse I've been looking for all my life. I was so tired of digging through my purse to find a pen, my keys, my phone, and so forth. It's all one jumbled mess in my regular purse. The Butler Bag solves that problem with compartments inside the purse so that everything can be seen immediately upon opening it.

I've had mine since Thursday and I LOVE IT! It really is worth the money because I'm not losing so much time looking for things. If you can swing it, I definitely recommend one of these bags. They have both the Classic Bag and the Handbag. The Classic is $95, the Handbag is $150. I have the Classic in Toasted Almond.

Oh and if you buy it from this site, you won't have to pay any shipping costs. Enjoy!


Dauphyfan said...

There is nothing harder than finding that perfect purse that fits all your needs. It is soooo gratifying to discover one that gets it all right...:) Is there a maid handy that goes with that butler?

Shelby said...

LOVE the bag - I want one too.