Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's Tuesday...right?

I'm not even sure it's Tuesday, but I'm going to go with it for now. It has been a crazy week already. Yesterday, Dear Husband dropped Peanut off at the vet for her spaying appointment. I was worried about my baby all yesterday and a little bit of today. She had to stay overnight, but DH brought her bedding and toy from home so she wouldn't be so lonely in a strange place. I brought her home today. She's been fairly quiet all day and is sleeping now. I'm just glad to have her home again.

I have to put in a plug here for pet insurance. A month or so ago, Dear Husband and I decided to purchase health insurance for our dogs. Yeah, sounds silly until you realize how much you save. Peanut had vaccinations and an exam done for a total cost of $83 and some change. We only had to pay $23 of that. Her spaying came to $180 and we'll likely only end up paying $20-40 for that. The insurance is a little over $300 a year. So it practically pays for itself with a couple of vet visits.

On to other things: On Sunday, I told myself that this week would be about making a significant dent in my "to do" list. I started the week with a great workout, which was good because I needed to get back on my regular gym schedule and I've accomplished that having gone today as well. Today also saw grocery shopping and get oil changed in my car marked off the list. I also got a small gift for a friend. So, the list is getting shorter...sort of. Every day, I find something to add to it, but I feel good seeing things get marked off anyway.

There is SO much to do at home these days. People seem to think that if you don't have children and you are at home, you sit around watching TV and surfing the internet. I don't know where the people doing that are because I'm on the go constantly: vet appointments; making sure the dogs are fed, watered, and go outside enough so as not to pee on the furniture; working out at the gym; going to the bank; grocery shopping; talking to companies on the phone to get something or other ordered, straightened out, or taken off the bill; sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor thanks to the mud tracked in by the dogs; answering correspondence; buying cards and gifts for weddings, birthdays, and so forth. The list goes on and on.

The argument always is "it's not like you're doing those things every day though." I don't know what world the people making that argument are living in because I do these things every single day except banking and grocery shopping. It's also important to note that I do all those things on top of pounding the pavement for a job.

I'm busy every day this week except Friday. I'm going into hermit mode that day so I can recover from the craziness that is sure to continue for the rest of this week.


The Curmudgeon said...

That's a fascinating To Do List from Lizzie Borden.... is that part of a series or what?

MikeAndLiz said...

Whew, yeah- you are so right- people don't realize how much there is to do on a daily basis.

Enjoy your Friday -- you DESERVE a break.