Sunday, June 10, 2007

Feel the Burn

Dear Husband is out of town until Tuesday. My dad has come to town to hang out with me and help me take care of the five dogs in my house:) We have three of our own, one foster, and I'm taking care of my sister-in-law's dog until Tuesday. It really helps to have an extra set of hands to deal with the dogs. And of course, it's fun to hang with my dad.

Today, I took my dad to the gym with me. He's definitely a good sport. He got on the elliptical and the treadmill and then did the stretches. It was rough for him, but he hung in there. My dad spent 21 years in the Army doing a lot of physical training, but he's been out for almost as long so he's lost a bit of the endurance he once had. He did great though and didn't complain at all. It was fun to work out with him and it made the time fly by. We chatted on the treadmill and just generally had a good time. We're going back tomorrow.


Dauphyfan said...

You should open your own doggy daycare or petsitting business with all of the pups you have in residence...:) Glad to hear you got your dad feeling the burn! Should I bring workout clothes just in case you decide to whip me into shape?

MikeAndLiz said...

I am glad you are getting to spend time with your dad! How fun :) And whew for all those dogs, you are great to be doing that...