Sunday, June 3, 2007


It's been an interesting week. I got a job and I got my feelings hurt. It takes a lot to hurt my feelings, I am not the type who is thin-skinned or easily upset. But this week, I realized that my efforts over the last three years with a particular relationship are futile. No matter what I do, it seems that it's always going to be what it has always been - a surface, polite relationship with no real substance or sharing. And you know...that's ok. Sometimes it's best to accept that and nurture the relationships I do have that are solid, good, and deep.

It also helps to complain to those in similar situations. This is where a best friend who leads a parallel life comes in handy. Britt always gives me the best advice about these things. I keep telling her to dump the teaching gig and become a counselor. She refuses to do that, but I think she should at least get paid for all the good advice she gives.

On to the better news: I got a part-time job as a fitness trainer at Curves. I'm excited about this because it fits perfectly with other things I need to do and that schedule will allow me to pursue another goal I have that will take a bit of work. More on that later.

I was thinking this week about where life has taken me. Five years ago at this time, I had been accepted to law school and was preparing to move from Oregon to Houston, Texas to pursue that dream. Three years ago at this time, I had finished two years of law school, taken a trip to Cozumel, Mexico to nurse a broken heart, and started summer session of my last year of law school. One year ago, I was coming up on my first anniversary of marriage and about to start my first legal job with a small firm.

Now...I'm on a completely different path than I was preparing for with law school. And it's the right path. The goal I mentioned above feels SO right! I have never felt this much confidence with a life path before. I've prayed and prayed about this and got the answer I need. It feels wonderful to know that this is the way to go.

I'm being cryptic, but I promise to share more when the time is right.


Kate said...

Best wishes on the new path and good on ya for having the guts to do the scary thing and pursuing what you really want!

Shelby said...

You sound so excited - can't wait to hear more!

I joined Curves a while back - went once and fainted. I got embarrased and haven't been back. I hadn't eaten that morning and am really outa shape. I must go back.

Dauphyfan said...

Hope you are feeling a bit better about things. I'm sorry we couldn't chat longer today. Doesn't it feel good to just exhale all the bad? Look on the bright side, you are getting into excellent shape and will have to whip me into shape as well so I can keep up. Call again if you need anything at ya!