Friday, June 15, 2007

Post-Op Chipper

Our little one, Chip, had surgery on Tuesday. He had to have three lumps removed: one large one on his head and two smaller ones on his body. He did quite well and has been up and about since then wagging his tail and wanting to be loved on, both of which are good signs.

He's sticking close to Dear Husband because that is how he gets comfort when he needs it. Peanut sticks close to me, Chip sticks close to Dear Husband and Norman sticks close to whomever will pick him up!

Here's a pic of our little Chip post-op. We are asking that everyone pray or send good thoughts or whatever you do to project good energy that the lumps are benign. Thank you.

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Shelby said...

oooo dear! wishing speedy recover for the precious one!