Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making Memories

My best friend, Britt, arrived in Houston Wednesday afternoon from Oregon. I met Britt 13 years ago in the dorm at University of Oregon. We connected over gymnastics, cereal, and conversations about nothing…and everything.

I moved to Houston from Oregon in 2002 and we kept in touch via e-mail and phone calls. Unfortunately, after Britt was here for my wedding in July 2005, we didn’t see one another again until April 2007 when she graduated with her Master’s degree. At my wedding, she said it would probably be about two years until we saw one another again. I didn’t think so, but she was right.

It’s my goal now to see her at least twice a year whether she comes here or I go to Oregon. Two years is just too long to go without connecting face to face with my best friend in this world.

Monday morning, I dropped her off at the airport and continued on to work. I cried most of the way. I was so sad to see her go. I know I will see her again, but it’s hard because I so enjoyed spending time with her hanging out, doing nothing, and running around like crazy. No one else understands me quite the way she does.

I’m going to make do with the memories we made while she was here and look forward to our next visit, which WILL NOT be two years from now.

We had such fun this past week that I just can’t see letting a lot of time go by before we can do it again. We went to CafĂ© Adobe, my favorite Mexican restaurant, Lone Star Scrapbooking, Scrapabilities, JoAnne’s, Michael’s, and Walmart’s Scrapbook section…hmm, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

We had BBQ and went clothes shopping. The highlight of the trip came on Friday though when we headed down to NASA. We spent the day playing with rocket ships, hanging out at Mission Control, and spending lots of money in the gift shop. Mission Control was especially poignant. It was amazing to see the site where so many historical moments took place. We learned that there is more power in our laptops today than were in all the computers in Mission Control back in the day. And yet, they were able to put a man on the moon. Astounding to think about that.

After playing Astronaut, we went to Galveston and stopped to see the brown water on the beach and collect some seashells. We also realized the beauty of pulling your hair back when you’re going to step into the blinding winds.

We then headed to our favorite eatery in Houston: Crescent City Beignets. Ahhhh…nothing like some red beans and rice, and nice, hot beignets to soothe the soul. We headed home after that and spent the evening hanging out and playing on the internet.

On Saturday, we slept in. My dad arrived around 11:30ish and we chatted with him and then headed over to Teacher Heaven, a local teacher supply store. Britt is a newly minted teacher, having received her Master’s in Teaching in April. Of course, as the designated best friend and cheerleader, I have to brag to everyone that she got her Master’s and did it summa cum laude too! Yup, I embarrass her, but I’m so danged proud of her so she’ll just have to live with it. Where was I? Oh yeah, so we scoured the bookshelves at Teacher Heaven and then headed over to Old Town Spring.

Old Town Spring is a bunch of cute little shops in old houses that have been turned into businesses. We hit the toy store and Connie’s Bath Shack. We stopped by the Amish furniture place, which had some BEAUTIFUL pieces. They were getting ready to close so we sat in the back in rocking chairs and just talked about stuff. It was nice to relax.

Saturday night, we headed over to Sizzler’s with my dad. It was crowded as they had just opened a couple of weeks ago. The food and the service was so-so. We plan to try it again in a few weeks when it is, hopefully, more organized.

Sunday found us at Buffalo Wild Wings, where we celebrated Dear Husband’s birthday with his friend Terry and my dad. It was good food, but a lot of fried stuff and left us both stuffed. We had cake and ice cream for Dear Husband’s birthday and then left the restaurant to head over to The 39er, a bargain store similar to the Dollar Store. We looked around and then made our way home where we played on the internet, watched Little Miss Sunshine, and went to bed late.

Monday came too soon and it was a real bummer. As I mentioned above, I was SO sad to see Britt go. I miss her so much already, but I am definitely looking forward to the next trip. Thank you Britt for being you and being my kindred spirit. My life would not be as full or as fun without you in it.

Here’s to great memories made and more to come!


Dauphyfan said...

You never cease to leave me said it all. I will add though what a gift this past week was. It truly sucks having your best friend so far away, especially in times of stress. It always leaves me feeling both fulfilled and a bit empty on the plane ride home. We have a grand time and then have to part ways. One of us is gonna have to move or something! You'll have to read my blog (when I finally finish it). Guess I wasn't so speechless...:) Thank you for a wonderful 5 days sweetie. No tears, only smiles. Thank GOD for email and cell phones. Love you and miss you!

The Curmudgeon said...

I got to see NASA when I was in Houston in 1997 for a conference.

Truly inspirational.

Shelby said...

hey there - what a fabulous friend you both have in each other!! And it sounds like an awesome time you had going to all the places . . the photos are super. Maybe it doesn't have to be so long before ya'll can visit again.

-- great idea you posted on my blog today - when I come to Texas, coffee or brunch or something would be fantastic with you! My sis lives near Dallas tho - might be a logistics thing, but maybe we could figure out something.. I'll keep you posted.. probably I'll be traveling in a week or two.

take care!!

landgirl said...

Your post left me double homesick: all those references to American things as well as the obvious affection for your close friend. It made me miss my friends who know me so well that we do not need any preambles to conversation or decisions about what to do. It just happens.