Sunday, July 8, 2007

Walled Off

It occurred to me today that in every single job I've ever had since graduating college, I've never had a work area with a window. There was a window in the newsroom I worked in as a reporter, but my desk was the furthest from the window so that doesn't really count. Plus, it was the type of window that could not be opened. My co-workers and I used to joke that they did that so we wouldn't jump to our deaths.

So anyway, this new job I have continues the trend of windowless work spaces. Sometimes, I wonder if I was a phalaenopsis in a previous life. I can't wait until my other career plan finishes cooking because then I will have all the windows I want.

In other news, my best friend Britt, who brings lots of sunshine to my life, is coming to visit me on Wednesday. She is coming all the way from Hillsboro, Oregon, to hang out with me. We're going to visit NASA and we'll do some other things in Houston. We have no concrete plans except to have fun. And we can definitely do that together. We always do. This is the first time we've been together in the last two years that we haven't had something to plan around: a wedding, a graduation. This time, it's just a matter of waking up and saying "What do we want to do today?" I'm SO looking forward to that.


MikeAndLiz said...

hope you are having fun with your friend!

Shelby said...

Here's to good times with great friends!! Take care and have lots and lotsa fun :)