Thursday, August 16, 2007

Downpour of Chores

I'm frustrated right now. My left shoulder is hurting, probably from all the laundry I've been carrying to and from the laundry room. My nephew's laundry multiples in the middle of the night. It just breeds like rabbits apparently. I do laundry every single day and most of it is his. I would make him do it himself, but he's at day camp all day so it makes sense for me to toss it in while I'm at home.

In between loads of laundry, I take care of the rest of the house, which involves sweeping and mopping on a daily basis and vacuuming the living room just as often. I make sure that the dogs are taken care of with enough food and play time. I also do the dishes, which multiply just as much as the laundry. It's no help that we had a massive downpour of rain today as well as flooding. This means our backyard is a mud pit and the dogs bring it in with them and run all over the carpet. Sigh. I seriously want to replace the carpet with wood flooring so I can at least clean it with relative ease.

Doing all the general housework is on top of getting other errands done like grocery shopping, making dinner, packing lunches for my nephew to take to camp, and my own personal errands such as catching up on correspondence and e-mail. And I swear if my nephew doesn't stop the constant chatter I may have to...well, I guess I can't put in print what I want to do because of those pesky child abuse laws.

I think I just needed a rant/vent session. Thanks for listening (or reading in this case).

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