Thursday, August 30, 2007

In Stitches

What a day. It started early this morning when I let our dogs out into the back yard. Bam, our foster dog, had taken to attacking our little shih tzu dogs sometime back so we always keep them separate from one another when we let them out, feed them, and so on. Bam started this behavior a couple of months after he got here. Prior to that, he was fine with both Chip and Norman, the shih tzus. It is perhaps a jealousy thing, a dominance thing, or some other thing alltogether. In any case, it is very important for us to keep the dogs apart. I had not gotten rid of Bam prior to this incident because he would make a wonderful dog for someone with female animals or no other pets. I wanted to give him a chance to find his place in this world.

This morning, I made a big mistake. I accidentally let Chip and Norman out when Bam was in the back yard. I just wasn't thinking. Bam proceeded to pick Chip up by his chest and bite into him. It was a violent, brutal attack. I rushed out and tried to pry Bam's jaws off of poor Chip who was terrified of course. In the midst of this, I was yelling for Dear Husband, but he was in the shower and could not hear me. Bam bit my right thumb and I finally managed to get him to release Chip, who promptly scampered into the trees in the back yard.

At this point, it's important to state that I did all the wrong things to break up this situation and that is why I got hurt. A good site about breaking up dog fights the right way: How to Break up a Dog Fight.

It was frightening. I was left with Chip's blood and my own. I had a gash in my thumb and several superficial wounds on my right thumb and both of my hands. Chip had a bit of blood, not much, on his back, but appeared to be ok. I still made a vet appointment for him just in case. This happened around 8 a.m. and I got him into the vet at 11 a.m. Poor baby. Turned out he had puncture wounds on his back and had to go under anesthesia to have drain tubes placed there so as to prevent infection of the lungs from the wound. He is on antibiotics for the puncture wounds

We also found out that he has an issue with his eye from his recent surgery to remove the tumor above his eye. He has a corneal ulcer apparently, caused by his inability to close the eye fully thanks to the scar tissue from that surgery. He was given an ointment for the eye. He will need another surgery to correct that problem. The vet is doing some research to determine the best way to proceed. Chip has had quite the year medically speaking.

I went to the doctor myself at 1 p.m. and had to have three stitches in my thumb to close up the gash. It hurts, but it will be ok. I have antibiotics and some pain meds should I need them. I was able to get Chip from the vet early this evening and he is resting comfortably. Our little guy is tough. I wish he didn't have to be.


Dauphyfan said...

It was a good thing you reacted so quickly or Chip might not've been so lucky this time. Poor little guy. I'm glad you guys are taking steps to make things safer for all. Bam has a screw loose, just like my parent's beagle, Maggie. She has always been "off." I think it's possible for animals to suffer from mental illness or something like that or PTSD from poor treatment by formers (NOT you guys). You are one tough cookie! And give Chip a big hug for me.

Shelby said...

my goodness!!! sending hugs to all of you :)

Anonymous said...

Jeepers, what an ordeal! Glad you're (relatively) OK. Are you now considering getting rid of Bam -- to someone else, perhaps, without other dogs -- or will you persist and just be super-careful to keep them apart?