Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Midnight Ramblings

I can't believe it's almost Thursday! Another week is coming to an end and it has flown by faster than the Concorde. My nephew, S, is still in day camp and seems to really like it. He went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science today and really enjoyed it. He picked up lots of souvenirs and was excited to show them to me.

I've been really busy this week. I met up with a friend at Starbucks on Tuesday. We had met at the gym when we were on the tread climbers next to one another. We've been trying to connect for months and finally got to do so. I'm having lunch tomorrow with a group of women I know. It's nice to reconnect with everyone.

In-between being a social butterfly, I've been doing mounds of laundry and getting other errands done like working on legal cases I've recently taken on and taking Peanut for her first grooming appointment. She is growing up so fast! She's lost the parts of the puppy stage that involve chewing and running around like crazy, but she's retained the excitement at seeing me when I come home and getting a new toy. I thought that I would be upset when she grew out of the puppy stage, but instead I find that I just love watching her grow and change and do new things. It's amazing how much a dog can be loved, but it makes sense. Peanut is always happy to see me, she knows when I'm upset and will come over and lick my hand as if to comfort me, and she's just so sweet and fun to play with. It's rare to get that kind of care, concern and companionship from any biped.

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