Friday, August 17, 2007


So my nephew is sick with a bad cold. I always have a variety of cold medicine on hand so I was prepared and did not have to run out to the store for anything. I was quite proud of that, thank you very much. But then I started to wonder about the reaction of the OTC medication with a prescription he is currently on. So I called one of the 24-hour pharmacies in town and asked the pharmacist.

Now, here's the thing: I called around 10:30 p.m. and it's a Friday night. I was on hold for a good 10 minutes until the pharmacist came on the line. I have to wonder - are there really that many people getting prescriptions filled at 10:30 on a Friday? What is it that would keep the pharmacist busy for that long at that time of night? Was there some sort of rush on Zoloft and he had to get the secret stash out of the safe in the office or what? Or maybe he and the pharmacy tech were playing "doctor" in the back room. They have the white lab coats already, might as well go for it, right?

I am sure the pharmacist was really busy and backed up from the day shift or something. I know pharmacists work hard as do all of the people who have overnight shifts. I once did an overnight shift at the front desk of 24-Hour Fitness. It is SO HARD to stay awake through the shift for one thing and doing things that would normally distract you from the time doesn't help. Things like reading just make you even more exhausted even if it's a good book.

On a completely serious note: THANK YOU to the pharmacists who work the overnight shift. You truly are a lifesaver to those of us who have questions at 10:30 at night and need an answer right away. Your service is appreciated.


CS said...

I never gave this any thought, but I wonder if they don't save a lot of non-urgent things to fill over night - like prescription calls that come in from physican's offices at the end of the day and calls they gotten to be picked up tomorrow. Either that, or they are in the back getting stoned.

Shelby said...

yay for great pharmacists! :)

Dx said...

Maybe they play a game, keeping people holding on for 10 minutes would normally result in people hanging up = less work. But I'm being unfair. You got the advice you needed at 10.30pm - so pharmacists are great.