Tuesday, September 4, 2007

$15 and Vultures

Since I've gone back to school, I had to pick up a couple of supplies. Nothing major - a couple of binders, a couple of notebooks, and some dividers. I went to Wal-Mart to get these things last week. I have no words for what I saw.

The school supplies aisle looked like vultures had descended and feasted on the place. All that was left were the bones. Folders, notebooks, binders, pencil sets were everywhere - scattered all over the place on shelves, on the floor. I had to wonder how that happened. Are parents getting school supplies really that horrible? Are they unable to sort through folders and such without scattering them to the corners of the Earth? After what I saw, those are rhetorical questions.

I felt very sorry for the employees. There were no less than five of them with those inventory scanners going through the aisles to see what was left and what might need to be ordered. No easy task, I assure you.

I was able to find a binder and a notebook and I left. Tonight, I ventured in again to get another binder. The exact same situation greeted me again. I have to ask: WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

While civility is missing in the aisles of Wal-Mart, $15 is missing from my checking account. I don't know where it went. I balance my checkbook every month and am careful about watching the balance online weekly. So, I printed out the transactions for the last two months and will go through them this weekend to try and locate my missing $15. If anyone finds it, feel free to send it to me.


Kate said...

How about I send you $15 of school supplies?

I think your description of the store helps explain a lot about the behavior of those kids once they get to school.

Congrats on your new program!

Kate said...

P.S Tilly told me to tell you she's thinking good thoughts and sending sloppy kisses to your doggies.

Shelby said...

I'm in with the supplies too...

p.s. - I have a video today of Five for Fighting.. come listen :)