Monday, September 17, 2007

In the Mood

This morning, I went out to my car to go to work. I left with enough time to get there exactly at 9 a.m. I turned the key and...nothing. I tried again and still nothing. I called Dear Husband who came to my rescue, but of course once he arrived, the car started up just fine. I drove to work and then drove back home at lunch. I got ready to leave at lunch and once again it wouldn't start. I waited a few minutes and tried again. Still no dice. So I called a friend who works with me and she came to pick me up.

Dear Husband took a look and determined it was the battery. He bought me a new battery and all is now well. Dear Husband is a wonderful person. He loves to fix things and is almost excited when he gets the chance. I wasn't exactly thrilled that my battery died, but I am glad it died in my driveway so there was none of that pesky breaking down and towing thing.

In other news, on Saturday, I decided to treat myself to a few items from Bath and Body Works. I shop there maybe once a year because it is so expensive, but I'm working now and have a little disposable income again so I used it there.

I got:
True Blue I'm in the Mood for Scrub,

Breathe Happiness Body Cream, and

Frozen Daiquiri Three-in-One: Body Wash, Bubble Bath and Shampoo.

They are WONDERFUL! I love all three. I got the sampler size of the Scrub and I will probably go back to buy the larger size at some point. It's nice to treat yourself every once in awhile to things you love.

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Shelby said...

Car troubles are the WORST.