Sunday, September 23, 2007

Peanut's Day Out

Peanut went to her first birthday party today. Her Yorkie friend, Spike, turned 2 and she was invited to his shindig. She was very excited to go and we got Spike a little gift of doggie treats and a card and off we went. It was about a 40-minute drive and Peanut was a great traveler until we were about two miles away and then she threw up. Poor thing, it's the longest trip she's ever taken and I think it just got to her.

Once we got to the party though, Peanut had a WONDERFUL time! She played with all the dogs, running around the yard and stopping every once in awhile to rest in the mud. Luckily, Spike's mom, Papar, was prepared and brought towels out to everyone to get the mud off our little furbabies.

After romping around in the yard, we all went inside and sang Happy Birthday to Spike and then the dogs got cake made especially for them and the people got chocolate cake. It was very good. Peanut loved her cake so much that she picked up her plate and was trying to lick every last bit of frosting off of it. Papar was nice enough to send some cake home with us for Chip and Norman, who stayed home from the party because they are grumpy old men who do not want to be interrupted in their goal of sleeping through their golden years.

Spike got a lot of cool presents including dog treats, rawhide bones, squeaky toys, and a cute little outfit. All the birthday guests got little gift bags to take home containing a squeaky toy, a bottle of bubbles, and a small bone. Peanut loves all her stuff. She desperately wants me to open the bubbles, but I told her we would do that tomorrow.

Happy 2nd Birthday Spike! Here's to many more years of chasing your tail and having fun in the mud with your friends.


Dauphyfan said...

Snoopy would be so proud...:) Too cute, I think I saw an episode of "Girls Next Door" that featured a doggy birthday bash.

Shelby said...

loved this:)

p.s. I have a real life video posted today.. come see!