Saturday, September 15, 2007

Trapped Under the Inbox

I have a mile-long to do list. I've been trying to cut it down for awhile, but I couldn't find motivation for some things and time for others. Last night, I decided that I simply had to get some things off that list. I had a monster headache, but I got home from work about 7:30 p.m. and then went to work on the list. Despite the headache, I was tired of worrying about getting things done.

Last night, I re-tooled the resume of a friend who had asked me to do so earlier in the week and updated a reference letter for her. I printed off several of each and got them ready to mail. I also put stamps on an envelope of coupons that I should have mailed off on Wednesday. Continuing on the theme of the evening, I mailed a letter to the pro bono legal group that I volunteer with. I have been working a divorce case for 18 months. It was supposed to be uncontested, but even baby lawyers know that an uncontested divorce can quickly become contested or have other issues that cause trouble. Such was the case here.

Finally, after much wrangling with the issues and pain all-around, my client got her divorce on Monday. The letter I sent to the pro bono legal group was the "end of case" report. I have never been so thrilled to send something off. I will do more pro bono work in the future, but I have two other cases to complete right now (for which I am being paid) and I am going to finish those up and then concentrate on my full-time job and my Master's studies.

Today, I continued on the journey to cross things off the list. It's getting shorter, though I know that won't last and more and more I'm learning to accept that.

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Dauphyfan said...

Good for you. It's often those little things that become a bigger thorn in your side if they stay on the list too long.