Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gummy Worms

Last night, I sat around in my nightgown on my living room sofa and clipped coupons while eating gummy worms and drinking sweet tea. This is what my life has come to. The upside is that clipping the coupons was actually productive because I belong to a coupon train and I have to send them out on Monday. So clipping them was getting one thing off my to-do list.

This week, I got another to-do off my list, although it was accidental. Part of my graduate program in psychology involves learning to do assessments on children (adults are next). I had to test three children and turn in reports on them. The last child had to be videotaped. On Thursday night, I got the videotaping test done. Friday night after completing that report, I realized that I didn't have to turn it in until Oct. 27. I had thought it was due this last Saturday. I'm proud of myself for getting something done early for school even if it was totally accidental.

In other news, work has been crazy these past two weeks. One person was let go, several were hired, and my boss has been stressing over things she doesn't need to stress about. That's par for the course though. I tell her to calm down, that we can deal with everything that comes up. And we can. She just has to start believing that.

So that has been my week. Here's hoping this next one has less to-do's, more gummy worms, and a barge full of calm.

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