Saturday, October 27, 2007

Music to My Ears

I recently got a new cell phone and last night, I downloaded some ring tones to assign to various friends and family who call me. It was interesting to go through the song lists and choose music that matches the person to whom it was assigned. In some ways, it's a bit of a psychological exercise to choose songs for those you love. What they mean to me is reflected in my choices.

Here are the songs I chose for the four most important people in my life and why I chose them:

My dear husband: Our Song by Taylor Swift. The lyrics are quick and snappy. This song reminds me of the fun of dating and knowing that someone loves you.

Britt, my best friend and kindred spirit: How Far We've Come by Matchbox 20. The lyrics themselves seem depressing, but for me, it represents my relationship with Britt because when either of us feels our world is burning to the ground, we're always there for one another.

Mom: Mississippi Girl. My mother is originally from Mississippi and every time I hear this song, I think of her. After all she's been through, she still stays true to her roots.

Dad: These are My People by Rodney Atkins. My dad is a country boy at heart even though he's lived all over the world. This song makes me think of what my dad's life must have been like before he was a dad.

Another interesting exercise is to think about what song you would choose for yourself. Right now, my song is Summer Breeze. It's an old song, but describes exactly how I feel right now - relaxed, good, knowing everything is going to be all right.


Shelby said...

I loved reading this post about the songs and why you'd choose them for different people.. I love all the songs too..

The picture is stunning... reminds me of me just sitting out in the field thinking about life.

Dauphyfan said...

I need to go find that song and listen to it...Good stuff in this blog. It's hard to narrow down songs to just the right one to reflect the person. You've been "Say You Will" by Fleetwood Mac for awhile cuz it reminds me of one of your visits...:)