Saturday, October 13, 2007

Planning to Get Organized

My work bought me a planner last week. It's one of the really nice ones from FranklinCovey. I got to go to the FranklinCovey store and pick it out myself. Ah, the beauty of a company credit card. One of my co-workers went with me and we both got the same planner. The next morning, I sat at my work desk and put the planner together. It took me about an hour. I was really feeling stupid until my co-worker said it took her about 45 minutes. If I'm stupid, at least I'm not alone.

The time required to put it together was worth it - the planner is one that I feel I will get a lot out of. While I was in class this morning and the scattered, disorganized professor was rambling about something totally off-topic, I planned out the coming week in my planner for both work and personal items. It feels great having it all in one place and knowing what I need to do and when. It's a lot better than having lists made that have no real time or date of completion.

In other news, I took a plane to Victoria this weekend. I had to be there on Friday before the school closed so I could pick up some things I need for class. I couldn't leave work early enough to make the drive and get there on time so I took the commuter flight offered by Continental. It wasn't too expensive and I made it on time. I stayed at a different hotel this time and it was wonderful! I watched two good shows on TV and then went to bed. I had a king-sized bed to stretch out in and it was so nice to have all that room. But, I did miss Dear Husband and of course, my little Peanut. I will take her with me next weekend though.

I cannot wait until I am done with this class so I don't have to drive to Victoria every Saturday. It's really exhausting.


Dauphyfan said...

You are halfway there! The holidays will be upon us before you know and with that comes a little R & R...:)

Jenny said...

I love the Franklin Covey planners! Don't use mine as much as I should.... :-)

Still awaiting bar results- should know on Nov. 2- it's getting closer! I do have a part time law clerk gig, which is nice, but would love to have something more exciting and more permanent lined up... still working on that.

Shelby said...

the Franklin Covey planners are super.. happy day today :)