Sunday, December 30, 2007

Messy...and Then Not Messy

Dear Husband went to the Wings place tonight to celebrate his friend's birthday. This gave me some uninterrupted time to complete home projects that I've been putting off. I got a ton of things organized, put away, and just generally cleaned up.

The big accomplishment was getting the kitchen cabinets organized. They were a huge mess. Items were stuffed in there in no particular order and when I had to use something, it was a hassle to move things around and they would fall off the shelves. ARGH. So annoying. I've been wanting to clean it out for ages. I finally did it today and it's SO nice. I got rid of a lot of stuff that we have never used and organized the things we do use. I can now find and use things without fear of avalanche and personal injury.

The other major accomplishment for me was the organization of my craft room, where I do my scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and so forth. I've had gift bags for various occasions on the floor, tissue paper on the floor, cards on the table, and other rampant disorganization. With the help of a 7-drawer cart I purchased from Wal-Mart, I got everything cleaned up and organized. I now have all my tissue papers, gift bags, boxes, and ribbons organized and easily accessible.

It feels really good to get things done that have been on my list forever. In addition to the two large projects already mentioned, I also got some correspondence written and ready to mail. Little things like that can linger on the list forever so it was nice to complete them as well.


CS said...

You're on a roll woth the organzing/cleaning thing. Do you have time to work on my house?

Shelby said...

I love to organize and have time to do it is precious.. happy day today :)

Dauphyfan said...

I like the 7 drawer organizer idea...sounds like a great solution to my nightmare.