Saturday, December 29, 2007

We're Home and There's Room in the Freezer.

Dear Husband and I returned home Wednesday night. Our luggage on the other hand decided to stay in Denver for an extra day. That was actually ok with me because if we had collected it at the airport, I would have felt like I needed to do the laundry, put away the gifts we brought back and so on. We got home around 11:30 p.m., totally exhausted so I was glad not to have to deal with any of those things.

Besides being totally exhausted, I was also sick. Still am actually, but I'm better than I was on Wednesday night. I had caught a cold on Monday before leaving Oregon. Yes, my second illness in less than a month. Anyway, the plane ride home on Wednesday did nothing to help me. I got off the plane with both my ears clogged. The plane ride caused tremendous pressure in my ears. I was unable to "pop" them for two days. TWO DAYS! One of them popped Thursday, the other today (Friday). They still hurt a little bit, but not too badly. I spent Thursday night coughing and sneezing. I couldn't sleep well so I went to the grocery store at 11:30 p.m. Might as well put the inability to sleep to good use.

Today, I feel better, having gotten to take several naps and generally rest throughout the day. However, I also did something I've been meaning to do FOREVER: I cleaned out the freezer. It was desperately in need of it. I had bought some frozen foods last night and had to stuff them in there. Every time I went grocery shopping in the last six months, I kept thinking that I should clean the freezer out. Finally, I just did it. It is so much easier to see what we have, which means we will eat it and not waste so much. That's always a good thing.

Oh, I forgot to report on our Christmas Day. We had a great time at my mom's house! We came over early and I easily fell back into my role as official taste tester as the food was being made. YUM! I hadn't gotten to eat my mother's Christmas cooking since December 2002. For the math challenged, that's 5 YEARS. 5!!! That was way too long.

We opened gifts, which was fun for all of us. I got a lot of nice stuff as did Dear Husband, my mom, and my nephew who was there as well. The dinner was wonderful and so was the and rainy, very Christmasy weather as opposed to the humidity we often get here in December.

All in all, it was a wonderful visit. I love Oregon and I miss it a lot. It was nice to be near the ocean, hearing the fog horns at night, and listening to the rain hit the windows. I plan to visit again soon. It's tough to stay away.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I'm familiar with the ear pressure thing. I've had similar experiences. These days I manage to avoid the worst of it by having a bottle of water with me, and sipping it constantly as the plane descends. The constant swallowing helps to keep my sinuses clear. Have you tried this? (Any kind of eating or drinking would work.)

CS said...

Cleaning out the freezer is one of those chores that just makes you feel virtuous.

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas road trip.