Sunday, January 27, 2008

Learning from History, Living in Peace

Yesterday, I got to thinking about the idea of letting things go. Earlier in the week, I'd had a rather nasty e-mail exchange with my former boss regarding some employment-related issues. I was upset and mad about it right afterwards, which is understandable. But that night, I prayed for her and that helped me to let go of the anger I felt. The next few days, whenever I felt upset I remembered two things: God takes care of everything and this won't matter in a few months.

The old adage "history repeats itself" is only true because we refuse to learn from it. When I started getting upset at my old boss, I thought to myself "How many times in my past have I been angry with someone? Do I even think of them anymore? Do I care today?" The answers are that I have been mad at several people over the years; no, I don't think of them and no, I don't care today.

What does that say? It says that it's not worth being angry today even though the incident that made me upset is still fresh in time. It's not worth it. If it won't matter in a few months or a year, why should it matter now? The answer? It shouldn't. This is how I've been able to let go of a lot of things and live virtually stress free emotionally. God has brought me a long way with this thinking. It has always been my experience that God exacts justice in his own time and place and my being angry about things doesn't make Him work any faster. If anything, it slows him down.

It has also been my experience that justice is not always an act or a thing. Sometimes, it's a way of life or thought. I've noticed that the people who have been nasty or mean in some way to me or others over the years are usually living a tortured existence every day of their lives. Carrying around that kind of anger, upset, and paranoia with others causes pain not just once, but every second of every day. Think about that. Every single day, the person who has "injured" you is being tortured by their own thoughts, by their way of dealing with the world. Frankly, that is punishment enough in my mind.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A lot of Pizza and a Little Change

I've recently ordered so much pizza from my favorite pizza place that I can't tell if I've been doubly charged by the pizza place. I think I have been, but I can't tell - I was balancing my checkbook tonight and I realized that I've ordered pizza almost every other day in the last three weeks or so. That is just sick. No more pizza for me until at least March. I'll let you know how (if) that works out.

Now on to the change: I recently dumped my job at the adoption agency. Yes my dear readers, another psycho boss. It's not worth the time it would take to type out what was wrong with this one. Suffice it to say a couple of weeks was enough for me...and for the secretary as well who also quit. I stepped back and thought about my role in picking these horrible workplaces. I prayed about it and found some answers that helped me move forward to a better situation.

The day after I quit, I signed up with a temp agency and today, I started a new job that looks like it will be temp to hire. So far, it's been wonderful. It's a company that was started by three friends four years ago and they are older and were well-established in the business world before starting this company. Everyone I met today was upbeat and happy. People who have been there for awhile talked about how fun it is and how everyone gets along well. I have hope. I didn't get the "this place is the portal of Hell" vibe the way I have in other situations.

I am cautiously optimistic about this job. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


We decided to take the kids to the Dog Park today. Our little ones needed some exercise. Chip, Norman, and Peanut were raring to go. Dear Husband...not so much. We all had to go wake him up about 1:45 p.m. He gives new meaning to sleeping in.

We got the kids ready and off we went. They had such a great time! There were several different types of dogs there including a Great Dane, a pug, and various mixed breeds. Peanut was particularly happy to be able to run away from and chase other dogs. Chip and Norman were slightly shy, but got into the action the longer we were there. It was slightly cool and very dry out so I'm definitely going to have to moisturize tonight, but we will take the dogs again soon. It's good for them to interact with other dogs and run around in a new environment.

On another note, my Pre-Spring Cleaning is going well. I got all the Christmas items organized and out of my living room. I also went through them and placed several things in the donation box. I now have one Rubbermaid bin of very organized decorations. Next Christmas is going to be SO easy. I organized some of my office paperwork too and while there is still work to do on it, it's much better than it was. Tomorrow is another day and I shall rise to conquer the paper tiger again. Ah, so dramatic. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Spring has Sprung...a little early.

I've been off work most of this week thanks to the medical issues I experienced on Monday. I'm having a hard time resting as I explained in my previous post. There is so much to do at home that I just want to do it. I have been trying to take it relatively easy though with frequent breaks, naps, and hot tea with honey, all three of which are cures for almost anything.

Yesterday, I decided that I am in full Spring cleaning mode, which is odd since it's still technically winter what with it being January and all. Nonetheless, I've been hit by the bug, so yesterday I started with the master bathroom and cleaned a few things off the counter. I made peace with the fact that I was never going to use certain products and such so I put them in the donation bin that I will take to Goodwill next week. I also sorted through some books and made good progress on what to get rid of. I've been swapping books through PaperBackSwap for awhile now so I usually post my books there and that takes care of them.

Today I have two tasks to accomplish. I will be sorting through my paperwork in my "home office," which is actually our dining room table since this is where I do most of my work. I have a 3-drawer bin, which I place paperwork in that either needs to be read, acted upon, or filed. All three drawers desperately need to be cleaned out since I've not read, acted upon, or filed any of it in quite sometime. I take some comfort in the fact that it is at least contained in those drawers.

The second big task is getting the Christmas decorations sorted. I bought Sterilite ornament organizers so that I can actually have some organization to the big Rubbermaid bin, where all my Christmas stuff is currently just tossed about.

Right to get some hot tea with honey and start sorting!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Scared...

I'm looking around my desk and I don't see a lot in my "to do" pile. This frightens me...I fear that a bunch of to-do items are going to come out in the middle of the night and try to smother me in my sleep. I'm closing the bedroom door tonight. You just never know.

I got a ton of stuff off of my list today! I cleaned areas in my house that needed it badly, reorganized some things including my shoes, made the bed in the guest room, did three loads of laundry, folded and put them away, unloaded the dishwasher, made cookies, cleaned the dirt off the back door, and got several packages ready to mail. I'm sure there were other things, but those are what come to mind. I'm home recuperating for the next couple of days per the doctor's orders, but I just can't help myself. I look around and see all these things to be done and I have to do them. I feel so good now that a lot of it is done. And, I did rest between a lot of the activities.

If I don't post tomorrow, it means that the remaining to-do items did in fact smother me during the night.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where everybody knows your name

It's a sad thing when the ER doc knows you by name. It's only two weeks into the new year and this was the second time I had to go to the ER. The first time was Thursday for my friend, who had an upper respiratory issue. Tonight, it was my turn.

Since Saturday, I've been feeling some pressure in my chest, specifically around my heart. It was still there today and by 5 p.m. I realized I should really go see the doctor. Thankfully, we have a free-standing ER about 2 miles from our house so I went there. I spent about 2.5 hours there having an EKG, breathing tests, blood work, and chest x-rays. Despite all this, I wasn't worried. I don't know why, I just wasn't. I figured that no matter what, it would be fine.

All the tests did indeed come back with no problems. The doctor said he thought it was inflammation, but referred me to a cardiologist to have a stress test done to completely rule out cardiovascular issues, but he said he really doesn't believe there's a problem. I was prescribed some Prednisone and told to take it easy for the next three days and then follow-up with my doctor and the cardiologist. Take it easy? I can do that. In fact, I'm going to start right now by going to bed. Good Night all!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Almost Monday

Another weekend has come and gone. I realized today that my weekends are spent frantically trying to get things done. I run around doing laundry, answering e-mail, shopping...sigh. So, I've decided to assign a day to tasks I want to complete instead of trying to do them all on the weekends. It makes me feel so rushed and tired to try and do it all on the weekends.

In other news, tomorrow I start a workout regimen with some friends. We're all going to meet at the gym and then we will go our separate ways and do our own workouts, or do cardio together, or what have you, but having everyone show up will keep us all accountable to going every day. I'm really looking forward to getting back in shape and losing weight. I know that the first four weeks or so of getting back on the workout/healthy eating wagon will be tough. The first few weeks always are. It can be exhausting and painful to work muscles that haven't worked for awhile, but it gets better with time and before I know it, I'll be back to 130 pounds and a super fit physique. Can't wait:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Working Girl

Today was my first day back to work since leaving for the holidays on December 21st. I had only worked four days prior to that as this is a new job and I started it right before the holidays. It was rough getting back in the swing of things. I'd gotten used to having several days in a row where I could sleep in and leisurely accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish. The plus side is that I did get a lot done and I feel a lot less stressed about my to-do list.

One of the projects remaining on the list is completing a scrapbook I've been trying to work on forever. I love scrapbooking, it's creative and very calming. I worked on some pages last night and realized that I needed some more pages and stickers. After work today, I went to a local scrapbook store and browsed for about an hour. I got a few new pages and some stickers. I only spent $18, which surprised me considering how much I bought.

I'm excited to work on it this weekend. I want to get it done before I start school on January 14th. I am taking two classes and I am thrilled that both are online. I'll have my weekends back this term. That old saying "you don't know what you have until you've lost it" is so very true and definitely applies to the loss of Saturdays.