Sunday, January 6, 2008

Almost Monday

Another weekend has come and gone. I realized today that my weekends are spent frantically trying to get things done. I run around doing laundry, answering e-mail, shopping...sigh. So, I've decided to assign a day to tasks I want to complete instead of trying to do them all on the weekends. It makes me feel so rushed and tired to try and do it all on the weekends.

In other news, tomorrow I start a workout regimen with some friends. We're all going to meet at the gym and then we will go our separate ways and do our own workouts, or do cardio together, or what have you, but having everyone show up will keep us all accountable to going every day. I'm really looking forward to getting back in shape and losing weight. I know that the first four weeks or so of getting back on the workout/healthy eating wagon will be tough. The first few weeks always are. It can be exhausting and painful to work muscles that haven't worked for awhile, but it gets better with time and before I know it, I'll be back to 130 pounds and a super fit physique. Can't wait:)


Dauphyfan said...

We will keep each other on track so that by spring or summer we will hopefully be feeling and looking better...:) I like your plan to set aside time during the week to get stuff done, so you aren't bogged down with tasks all weekend.

CS said...

Accountability to friends makes a big difference. Both my walking buddies have moved (curses!) so I'm trying to work on some things that will force me to be accountable. Good luck!