Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A lot of Pizza and a Little Change

I've recently ordered so much pizza from my favorite pizza place that I can't tell if I've been doubly charged by the pizza place. I think I have been, but I can't tell - I was balancing my checkbook tonight and I realized that I've ordered pizza almost every other day in the last three weeks or so. That is just sick. No more pizza for me until at least March. I'll let you know how (if) that works out.

Now on to the change: I recently dumped my job at the adoption agency. Yes my dear readers, another psycho boss. It's not worth the time it would take to type out what was wrong with this one. Suffice it to say a couple of weeks was enough for me...and for the secretary as well who also quit. I stepped back and thought about my role in picking these horrible workplaces. I prayed about it and found some answers that helped me move forward to a better situation.

The day after I quit, I signed up with a temp agency and today, I started a new job that looks like it will be temp to hire. So far, it's been wonderful. It's a company that was started by three friends four years ago and they are older and were well-established in the business world before starting this company. Everyone I met today was upbeat and happy. People who have been there for awhile talked about how fun it is and how everyone gets along well. I have hope. I didn't get the "this place is the portal of Hell" vibe the way I have in other situations.

I am cautiously optimistic about this job. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


dauphyfan said...

I will keep my fingers crossed and clasped together in prayer on this one...:) And hey, pizza feeds the soul and that's always a good thing and besides it includes all the basic food groups, eh?

Jaime said...

You can never have too much pizza!! and my fingers are crossed! =D

Kate said...

Good thoughts and prayers for the new job.

Oh, and any leftover pizza? I can help you out with that. ;)

Shelby said...

I can TOTALLY sympathize with the struggles of finding the 'right' job... there are crazy people everywhere it seems. I find them - or they find me.

My current job is ok for now, but I'm still on temp status and I would like to be full time. I feel so - oh I don't know - temporary.

Thanks for sharing...

CS said...

Good thoughts to you - hope the job stays good.

I love pizza - oten for a fast meal I just get a frozen cheese pizza and add stuff (peppers, olives,ttomatoes, spinach). Can't beat it.