Sunday, January 20, 2008


We decided to take the kids to the Dog Park today. Our little ones needed some exercise. Chip, Norman, and Peanut were raring to go. Dear Husband...not so much. We all had to go wake him up about 1:45 p.m. He gives new meaning to sleeping in.

We got the kids ready and off we went. They had such a great time! There were several different types of dogs there including a Great Dane, a pug, and various mixed breeds. Peanut was particularly happy to be able to run away from and chase other dogs. Chip and Norman were slightly shy, but got into the action the longer we were there. It was slightly cool and very dry out so I'm definitely going to have to moisturize tonight, but we will take the dogs again soon. It's good for them to interact with other dogs and run around in a new environment.

On another note, my Pre-Spring Cleaning is going well. I got all the Christmas items organized and out of my living room. I also went through them and placed several things in the donation box. I now have one Rubbermaid bin of very organized decorations. Next Christmas is going to be SO easy. I organized some of my office paperwork too and while there is still work to do on it, it's much better than it was. Tomorrow is another day and I shall rise to conquer the paper tiger again. Ah, so dramatic. Stay tuned!

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CS said...

I did the very same thing. With the CHristmas stuff, I mena,not the dogs. Packed the Christmas stuff away in plastic bins and lugged down to the basement..