Saturday, February 16, 2008


Dear Husband and I are leaving on a week-long cruise tomorrow. We will be going with his family, all of whom I get along with, which is good. What isn't so good is trying to get ready to go on the cruise. I need a vacation from the vacation preparation.

I've done a few things here and there over the last week like buy some new clothes to take on the cruise. Nothing fancy just some shorts and shirts and a pair of shoes. I've got those washed and ready to be packed. I also went through some paperwork and got rid of things I don't need so they won't clutter the house while my dad is here house/pet sitting for us. Thank God for my dad. He is coming from north of San Antonio (4 hours away) to watch the dogs and the house for us. My dad rocks!

I have a ton of things left to do though. I need to:

1. Make the guest bed
2. Write a list to include the dogs' vet and various instructions about caring for them
3. Answer several e-mails
4. Pack
5. Collect "fun" stuff to take such as magazines and books
6. Call mom since I won't talk to her for a week
7. Pick up a couple of last minute items at the store

I hope that's it. It's probably not, but let me live in my delusion that there are only seven things for me to do, ok? I better get going on some of those items. I will report back next Sunday with news of the cruise.


Kate said...

Have fun!!

Dauphyfan said...

Enjoy life on the love boat and give my regards to Gopher...:) You lucky duck you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you'll get no sympathy from all of us who AREN'T going on a cruise! Have a great time!!

Jaime said...

Have a wonderful time!!